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Wake Up

A loving mum, a teenage son, a seemingly normal morning ritual. But what really happens before Mum wakes up?

Journey through Wake Up, a short film in three parts.

Part 1: 8:03

Part 2: Insight

Part 3: 5:03

Learn more about filmmaker Shane here, or take the journey on the CuriousWorks website.

Wake Up
Release: September 2011
Location: Fairfield, Western Sydney

Location Map

Producers: Guido Gonzalez and Eleanor Winkler
Director: Shane MacDonald
Director of Photography: Alan Lao
Sound (shoot and post): Saif Jari
Production Design: Lazare Nyembo
Soundtrack: Saif Jari

Special thanks to the MacDonald, Lao and Gonzalez families for all their support throughout the making of this film.

The Stories Project
Creative Director: Shakthi Sivanathan
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Mentors: Elias Nohra and Platon Theodoris

The Stories Project is presented by CuriousWorks.

  • Laura Arango

    Very succinct and clear summary of what the project is about. This summary captures the value of project’s originality and significance for those independent film producers who before CuriousWorks were not able to develop their projects. I agree that a broad audience of Australian society will be likely empowered with knowledge about unknown activities in often forgotten places (Western Sydney). I’m not quite sure who is the intended audience though… I personally consider that the intended audience is rather individuals outside marginal groups… individuals mainly young people who have little or no knowledge about what happens in Western Sydney and other remote areas of Sydney. This analysis has a good exploration of small elements like for example, the hyperlink to open Google Maps with the relevant filming location of the documentary and the reason why it was designed. This analysis reflects a good sense of why the use of certain elements on the page, which also shows that it has a good perception of the outcomes potentially achieved in a short and long term basis.

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