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The First Supper

Meet the people behind the camera, as the Urban and Desert Crews exchange food and stories.

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You don’t know us. You’ve never heard our story. And we want to tell you. – Curtis

Over a few days in June 2010, the Urban Stories and Desert Stories crews met for the first time. They shared a meal. They interviewed each other. They began to understand how different the desert was to the city; and yet how similar their feelings and aspirations were.

The First Supper videos are your chance to meet the crews; to get to know a little bit about where they come from. The First Supper: Part Two will be released in August, in which Anna asks Lazare what exactly what will happen if someone other than a mother cooks that dish…

The First Supper
Release: June 2010
Location: Bankstown, Western Sydney

Location Map

All Roles (interviews): Urban Stories and Desert Stories crews
Producer (supper shoot): Urban Stories crew
Music: Punmu Lakeside Band featuring Monkey Marc and Ozi Batla (Part One)

The Stories Project
Creative Director: Shakthidharan
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Mentors: Elias Nohra & Platon Theodoris

The Stories Project is presented by CuriousWorks.

Content by the Desert Stories crew is produced in partnership between CuriousWorks and Martu Media, a division of Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa.