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[BLOG] Cutting the relationship close: by Anna Lam

You’ve seen them in slow motion, in reverse… then you see them on the train. Do you say hello? Urban Stories editor, Anna Lam, decides where to draw the line.

They were grippingly masculine, size 10, male feet. I could never forget a pair of feet like that.

Today, they were laced up in black leather work shoes. I undressed them with my eyes. “Where are his soccer cleats?” I wondered.

“Maybe they’re on the porch. Blast. I hope he hasn’t left them somewhere silly. ”

Mr. Sizeable 10 was on the train, on the way home from work. I was making conversation with his feet. Unashamedly.

That’s the strange thing about filming. You capture a moment on film, watch it a few times, and feel like you know them. Every part of them. It becomes etched into your unconscious. Hung upon the walls of memory.

Then comes the moment when that object, or person, walks back into your life. You feel like you deserve a second glance. A hello. A pat on the back.

“We met on the 29th May 2010 at Fairfield High School.”

“You were playing soccer at the Afro-Latino festival. Remember, the African team were horribly late for the soccer match.”

“Oh, and your dribbling skills are positively genuis!”

I wanted to say these things, but I didn’t. At what point do you distance yourself from your work (or Mr.Sizeable 10)?

Alas, filming Candombe has fashioned an obvious, but useful answer. Filmmakers capture moments. Envelop them. Shuffle home. Then, after periods of passionate screaming and love-making (and by love-making, I mean making them into films that can and will be loved by many, many people), filmmakers send those moments back to the Mr. Sizeable 10′s out there.

While it would be pleasant to know where Mr. Sizeable 10 lives, I do not, and perhaps asking him on the train was the most simple solution to that matter. So here I am, mid-way through a foot-related castration.

I would hope that he is reading this. He’s the man with size 10 feet, 12 seconds into the episode, wearing the 13 numbered jersey. What is your name?

Number 13

Does anybody else know? Surely somebody knows? Should I put an ad in the MX? He needs to know this video exists.

Click here to watch Candombe.