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Tweet “Saving stupid people from doing stupid things in the kitchen!” – Ama & Chan

Tweet “It’s in our blood. I live it, all I do is music.” – Marco

Tweet “We are Martu. We got everything we need out here.”

Tweet “We tell the stories of how our country is important, so our young people can look after it.”

Tweet A loving mum, a teenage son, a seemingly normal morning ritual. But what really happens before Mum wakes up?

Tweet With a history spanning more than 25,000 years, the Martu were one of the last Indigenous populations to come into contact with Europeans.

Tweet Twenty percent of Australia’s annual humanitarian arrivals call Liverpool home.

Tweet “This film, Mamu, it’s about right, it’s about wrong. It’s about the past and the future, the new and the old.” – Curtis

Tweet “If we haven’t said anything, no one knows we even have a story. But now we’re gonna say it, so it makes a difference.” – Lazare

Tweet Finding his voice, Urban Stories crew member Saif Jari talks about his experiences of making and sharing Villawood Mums

Tweet Perfecting the delicate roles and responsibilities of a dinner party host is, well, difficult.

Tweet Teens find devious uses for spark plugs, asylum seeker mums share their experiences and desert folk busk at Central Station.

Tweet The groups shared remarkable similarities but also the expected sense of bewilderment when a group of young Martu flew to Sydney earlier this year.

Tweet We met them at Fairfield, Western Sydney. We joked with each other – are we still in Australia?

Tweet There are a few things that separate the arrival of Maria and Zahoor at Villawood: ten years, a few policy reforms and two very large fences.

Tweet You’ve seen them in slow motion, in reverse… then you see them on the train. Do you say hello?

Tweet Urban Stories crew member, Anna Lam, attempts to progress beyond the traditional “community vs mass media” battlelines.

Tweet Country, music and painting stories. Take a 2 minute break and catch a slice of the great desert life!

Tweet Soccer, drums and dance meld in this 90 second romp through the Afro-Latino festival in Western Sydney.

Tweet Listen to OJ, a desert busker, serenade Sydney at Central Railway Station.

Tweet Meet the people behind the camera, as the Urban and Desert Crews exchange food and stories.

Tweet The abundance of untold local stories… highlight the need for locally-grown, cutting-edge media-makers. – Guido