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Soccer, drums and dance meld in this 90 second romp through the Afro-Latino festival in Western Sydney.

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Candombe is a very emotional experience … you feel your ancestry when you play.
- Leo Santalucia, Urumbe

Catch a slice of Western Sydney life in 90 seconds.

The candombe drums hold cultural importance for both the Uruguayan and African communities in Fairfield. Just as it provided relief for the African slaves who brought this rhythmic drumming from Africa, it continues to remind South American migrants of the difficult social, political and economic hardships that caused their families to migrate.

On 29th May 2010, Fairfield saw its very first Afro-Latino festival that celebrated the shared cultural heritage of African and Latin American communities. A love of soccer, music dance and food was shared by all who attended the event.

Release: July 2010
Location: Fairfield, Western Sydney

Location Map

Producer: Guido Gonzalez
Director: Lazarius Nyembo
1st Assistant Director: Alan Lao
Director Photography: Anna Lam
Editor: Shane MacDonald and Elias Nohra
Sound: Saif Jari
Music: Urumbe Drumming Group (recorded live at the AfroLatino Festival)
Thanks to festival organiser Laura Luna

The Stories Project
Creative Director: Shakthidharan
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Mentors: Elias Nohra & Platon Theodoris

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